Tiny Dancer Class

tiny dancer class No child is too young to enjoy good fun rocking out to the music! Our Tiny Dancer class is for toddlers as young as 18 months to attend with their parent or caregiver.

The goal of this class is to provide a fun, friendly and enriching environment that introduces toddlers to music, movement and rhythm. Tiny Dancer classes seamlessly transition into independent classes where children come without a parent or caregiver.

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Benefits Of Enrolling Your Toddler In Our Tiny Dancer Class

There are countless benefits to enrolling your toddler in dance classes, including:

Improved Motor Skill Development
Around 18-months children are just getting a hang of many physical motions, which dance greatly helps to build upon and improve. Even simple free movement dance requires muscle coordination, balance and strength, all of which your child will greatly benefit from exercising at such a young age.

Increased Communication & Emotional Stability
Children learn movement before they begin to talk and verbally express their emotions. Dance offers an outlet for children to express their emotions in a healthy way.

According to the National Dance Education Organization, “To the young child, verbal language and movement are entwined.” Young children go through a vast series of emotions on a regular basis, dance helps to calm toddlers down and provide a sense of balance.

Improved Cooperation
Even though our Tiny Dancer class is rooted in fun and free dance, there is still listening and teamwork involved. As children listen, learn and work together to accomplish new dance moves they gain a better understanding of what it means to cooperate and work together. The teacher-student environment helps prepare children for preschool and other educational environments they will soon be exposed to.

Socialization & Bonding
As children dance with their caregiver, newfound friends and teacher they have the chance to socialize and bond with others. The friendships children develop in the dance studio are known to last all throughout life. The experiences children learn in our studio will help them grow as individuals and make friends in the future.

Greater Self-Confidence
Every time your child dances they learn new things, grow stronger and build up their self-confidence. Simply interacting with other children of the same age helps them to grow confidence they can use on their first day of school and beyond.

Plus, since mom, dad or caretaker is there with them they get the opportunity to take a class with some adult support and when it’s time to take a class independently they tend to be less shy and nervous.

The Value Of Bonding
Perhaps best of all, these classes provide the perfect bonding opportunity for you and your child. There aren’t many years in your child’s life where going to class with them is manageable so come dance with us and take advantage of the occasion while you have the chance.

Let’s Shake Rattle & Roll!

Tiny Dancer classes promote healthy physical activity for little kids, allowing them a means to express their emotions and release excess energy.

Come Dance With Us!
Our fun and interactive Tiny Dancer classes offer the ideal opportunity to introduce little ones to dancing in a fun and safe environment. Plus, if your child falls in love with dancing we have countless programs to advance into for students interested in recreational or competitive dance.

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