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fitness-poseTandem Studios Fitness began with the idea of running fitness classes concurrent to each child dance class to help busy parents fit everything into their demanding schedules. While we have stayed true to the initial format, fitness has also expanded to include anyone interested in working out in smaller more personal classes with no contract commitment and flexible drop in card system.  Tandem Studios Fitness is a way to truly achieve your healthy lifestyle goals! Take part in our “Tandem Fitness Classes” (running at the same time as your child’s class) OR join our “Strictly Fitness” program for those without children. Our small class sizes and knowledgeable instructors will ensure you get the personal attention you need.

Group classes at Tandem are known for being high energy, motivating, and a challenge for all levels. Our class sizes are on the smaller side so you can always expect a lot of attention which is crucial for maintaining proper form. Our instructors have undergone top training in their field and have been through a rigorous screening process to be able to bring you fun and innovative classes. The focus of our fitness instructors is to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be. Exercise is their passion and it shines through in every class!

TRX Circuits

This power packed 60min class has all the same great benefits of our regular circuit training class with the addition of full body core-focused strengthening exercises using the TRX Suspension System.  This nifty training device adds a whole new twist to the idea of ‘core’ training!  If you like to be challenged with new movements this class will definitely keep you engaged!

Older Adults/Seniors

Our older adult/senior classes focus on a little bit of everything: strength, cardio, flexibility, range of motion, core, stability and balance.  This well-rounded class addresses strength and flexibility deficiencies that are typically of major concern to the aging population promoting functionality and confidence in movement.  Strength = movement = independence.

Circuit Training

This intense class is designed to serve two specific purposes: strengthen muscles and burn as many calories as possible, ultimately enhancing tone throughout the body. You will work all the major muscle groups using weights, resistance bands and body weight, with periods of active recovery. Modifications are always available for people with injuries as with any other fitness class here. The circuit format keeps your mind stimulated and your body continuously challenged.

Youth Fitness Challenge

Our passion is getting people excited about fitness and there’s no better place to start than with the youth. It’s becoming increasingly important to educate the future population about their bodies and to create a healthy relationship with exercise. They’ll be put to the test for strength, endurance, and flexibility. We’ll make exercise fun in this 45 minute class by introducing a bit of healthy competition, lots of partner work, and popular music to make working out enjoyable.

Body Blast

Talk about a full body workout! After a warmup you’ll dive right into 25 minutes of cardio interval training involving heavy use of the step, that’s sure to break a sweat! The second half of the class is focused on strength training using free weights, resistance bands, body weight, and more. We’ll get you using as many muscle groups as possible to burn the most amount of energy. You’re guaranteed to leave this class feeling strong, and fit.

Core Blast

This class is exactly what you would expect it to be. It’s a fantastic workout for all the major torso muscles including your abdominals, shoulder girdle, and low back. After this class you’ll notice better posture, stronger and toned abs, and you’ll lower your risk of low back pain. It won’t take long to feel the burn in this class, and we always keep it fun by introducing new and creative moves that target that tummy!


Many people find themselves intimidated at the idea of a kickboxing class. A common misconception is that you have to be at a certain fitness level or be really strong to participate. This class has a heavy focus on technique; learning the proper way to throw a punch, the right foot stance and developing your core are the building blocks for strength, speed, and agility. This partner workout includes the use of focus pads and gloves, and uses a boxing timer to simulate rounds. The hour will fly with this cardio and strength workout!

Ball Fit

Stability Ball! Bosu Ball! Medicine Ball! Weighted Ball! We’ll use them all to tone and sculpt your muscles, while burning off fat. Expect a dynamic, fast paced, high energy, fun class that lets you explore new ways of using these fun fitness tools. You’ll have so much fun 60 minutes will fly by, plus, you’ll get a fantastic workout in a way you’ve never experienced before! This class is open to anyone who is ready to workout in a different way and will be adjusted to make sure it accommodates all levels of fitness. Come on, let’s play ball!

Boot Camp

In this vigorous 60-75min workout participants are lead through a series of high intensity, short burst sprint type exercises and drills aimed at improving cardio vascular conditioning and increasing calorie expenditure. The focus on full body movement can be very challenging for the new comer however by the 3rd class you’ll find a noticeable difference in the amount of energy you can put out in the class and how quickly you recover; we promise!

Barre Fit

Ballet Barre has a classical ballet spin while also encompassing strength training, Pilates and yoga. This workout will have you squeezing, lifting, toning, strengthening and stretching for a full 60 minutes. No dance experience required, the perfect workout for all fitness levels.

Abs, Arms, and A** (AAA)

Have you ever wished that there was a class that really focused on your problem areas, like your Buddha belly or your Oprah arm wave?  Well, now there is!!!  This intense class focuses on challenging body weight and resistance exercises to strengthen the arms while maximizing the use of the abdominals and core.  Keeping the heart rate elevated throughout the class in order to burn calories is also a focus so that when tank top season rolls around, you’ll be ARMed!!!  And let’s face it, we could always use more work on the rear view!  Butt busting glute exercises make this a well-rounded workout (Get it? Well-rounded), no flat bums here!

Flow Yoga

A faster paced vinyasa flow style class where students will build upon sequences and progressions to engage deeper with the practice and with themselves. Expect to move, challenge yourself and get sweaty! Modifications offered for multiple levels of practice, all are welcome. Choose from a Level 1-2 or Level 2 for more advanced yogis.

Functional Yoga for Seniors

This is a gentle yoga class suitable for seniors and those with limited mobility. Class will focus on functional movements which focus on range of motion and extension of the arms, legs and spine. Poses will be done standing, seated and lying down, however for those not comfortable standing, chairs are available for use as well. Please be sure to notify the instructor and/or studio if you have any physical limitations in order for us to best accommodate you.

Power Yoga

A strength focused yoga class where the guidance of the breath is used to engage deeper with muscle-building poses such as lunges, squats, planks and push ups. Flowing balancing poses are utilized to engage and build stabilizing muscles. Classes will also include a core-focused component. Pulsations and longer holds are frequently incorporated into the class. Expect to channel your inner warrior in this powerful, strength-building class!

Strength Yoga

Yoga for strength is a more traditional hatha-style class where poses are completed in sequential order. This class will focus on strengthening all areas of the body – legs, glutes, core and arms. Breath instruction will be used to maximize endurance and bring students to a comfortable edge to deepen engagement.

Kids Yoga

Tap into your inner calm with some mindful stretches and creative shapes as we link breath with movement in this easy-to-follow yoga class designed for kids. Each yoga pose is demonstrated by instructor and modified to suit each student. Accessible for kids, 6-12 of age of all abilities.

Teen Yoga

Linking breath, movement, and balance, this moderately-paced class is designed to challenge teenagers to articulate their bodies through music and mindfulness. Throughout 60 minutes of a short meditation, a flowy sequence, and then restful savasana, this class will leave students feeling energized and refreshed. Accessible for teenagers, 13-16 years of age of all abilities.

If you would like to participate in any of our great fitness classes feel free to register with our easy to use online form. Hope to see you soon!
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