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dance-poseDance for us is an art form, a way to express oneself and a means to help children develop a love for The Arts while gaining life skills that will take them far in life both inside and outside of the dance studio. We know most students won’t choose dance as a career but that’s no reason to skimp on training!

Both Recreational and Competitive students learn from the best teachers using innovative and up-to-date teaching techniques and theory. Our teachers are constantly training to improve themselves as dancers and teachers and we lead and teach by example! Every dancer gets superb training and attention because every child deserves a class that helps them to succeed!

Tandem Studios offers a wide range of dance styles so you’re sure to find something suited for your child.  See the descriptions below and feel free to contact us

Pre Dance

PreDance classes are a fun and exciting introduction to the world of dance. Classes are ballet based and children will learn basic ballet steps with the use of numerous games and creative activities. Emphasis is on developing a love for movement and an understanding of rhythm and musicality.

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Pre Primary & Primary

Building on PreDance, PrePrimary classes continue to introduce children to ballet steps and technique while maintaining a fun atmosphere. In this level children begin to learn steps from the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet syllabus.

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Classical ballet is the fundamental dance style and will provide your dancer with a strong foundation to build on. Teaching from the RAD, Royal Academy of Dance, syllabus, dancers are able to enter in yearly exams to monitor and reward their progress. Students thrive in the structured classroom environment while being encouraged by our fun and upbeat instructors.

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The pace in jazz classes is lively and energetic. Children will learn steps and combinations to current popular music as well as pop classics. Jazz classes teach dance fundamentals, help with strength and flexibility and develop the ability to interpret contemporary rhythms and dance forms.

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Tap is a rhythm and music based dance style that helps children to develop motor skills and an understanding of music in a fun environment. The dancer’s body becomes a percussion instrument and they contribute to the rhythm of the music!

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In Acro class dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastic skills with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. With unique choreography, students will learn to seamlessly blend dance and acrobatics as seen in such places as Cirque du Soleil.

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Hip Hop

With the popularity of music videos and dance shows, the demand for Hip Hop has skyrocketed! Hip Hop classes begin with a vigorous warm-up, followed by street based dance routines.

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This class is a great compliment to a more traditional dance class and is encouraged for students who wish to enhance their performance ability. Students will learn pieces in a variety of dance styles, hip hop, jazz, ballet and even musical theatre. Stylization is taught and focus is on performance.

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Contemporary dance borrows technique and steps from classical ballet, jazz and modern dance styles and places an emphasis on personal expression and choreography. In contemporary class students will be asked to use energy and emotion to tell a story through dance and develop their own personal movement.

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Modern dance often utilizes gravity and includes deliberate falls and more grounded movements than a classical ballet class. Modern class will provide dancers with a structured class with warm-up, centre work and across the floor exercises as well as encouraging free expression.

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Musical Theatre & Broadway

Singing, Dancing and Acting combine to create a fun and upbeat classroom environment. Games and training exercises are tailored to the children’s age and skill level and geared to increase confidence and ability to perform.

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