Technique Dance Class

Want to take your ballet dancing to the next level? We offer technique classes for Ballet Pointe and Pointe Prep, as well as Jumps and Turns classes of various levels.

Technique defines the basic fundamentals of dance, including how to hold up your body while performing and precise execution of skills incorporated in a routine. Strong technique is evident regardless of dance style. Two people can do the same exact routine, but one may stand out simply because of a stronger background in technique.

Learning proper techniques can also help prevent many frustrations and injuries that occur as a result of not being properly prepared for more challenging moves and routines.

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Ballet Pointe & Point Prep

As an R.A.D ballet studio we are focused on helping students master classical British vs. Russian practices. Once dancers master the basics of ballet it’s time to start learning how to get up on your toes and learn what is called ‘pointe.’

Many students ask: how do I know if I am ready for pointe?

There are many factors that influence a student’s readiness to begin pointe work. Generally students have at least 2-years of ballet training and are 11-years or older in order to give foot bones proper time to develop.

Advancing to pointe work is an accomplishment that should not be taken lightly. Preparation for pointe work should begin about a year before students are fit for their shoes. In doing so you could prevent as much as 90% of frustrations and injuries.

Ballet Point & Point Prep helps students master things like:

-How to get up on their box
-Maintaining relaxed knees
-Holding turnout en pointe
-Avoiding pain at the back of the ankles
-Staying on pointe without falling
-Good control of the spine and pelvis
-Properly working through the shoe

Depending on where you are in your pointe work, either our Ballet Pointe or Point Prep class is best to guide you on to the next level of dancing.

Jumps & Turns Classes

Prior to taking a Jumps and Turns class, students should have a solid foundation in ballet. Jumps and turns are more complicated movements incorporated in dance routines. The proper alignment and technique needed to seamlessly pull off these moves without injury requires great focus and dedication. By taking technique classes students are able to develop their skills further, learning and improving upon jumps, kicks and turns.

This is an especially exciting class for students that want to master popular but more challenging moves, such as turns a la second, fouette turns, Russian jumps, pique turns, grand jetés, surprise leaps, barrel leaps and more. A class may start off with students practicing en dohors, en dedans and pirouettes, before moving on to classic ballet jumps such as jeté, sissone, pas de chat and echappé sauté.

Spins and turns are among the more difficult moves for dance students to master. By taking a class that focuses on these skills students are rewarded with improved form and greater capabilities.

Get Precise With Your Technique At Tandem Studios

Our specially designed technique classes are meant to encourage the proper development of challenging new ballet skills in a fun, safe environment.

Come learn the precise techniques to kick up your dancing and advance onto the next level, all while having a great time. Technique classes don’t only encourage personal growth and development, but they also help ensure the safety of dancers as they move on up through the ranks.

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