Tap Dance Class

tap dance class imageOur tap dance class is geared to a wide variety of ages, levels and personalities, bringing out the inner fun in everyone. Children 5 years and up learn how to lace up their tap dancing shoes and make music with their feet.

We teach fundamental steps and tap patterns that build up to more advanced moves as your child progresses. We rely on both Classic and Contemporary music in order to teach students a variety of tap dance styles from different eras.

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Progressive History Of Tap Dance

Tap dance is deeply rooted in African and European traditions. The earliest dance moves associated with tap originated in the early 1800’s. In 1828, Thomas ‘Daddy’ Rice gave the first ever tap dancing performance and audiences went wild for the fun and festive dance moves. From then on, dance began to slowly but surely gain popularity. It wasn’t until about 100-years later that tap dance gained international recognition on a major level.

Changing Steps & Shoes

The first form of tap dance was done in leather or wooden-soled shoes. Today a close-fitted metal strap is to credit for making the clicking sound associated with tap shoes. The moves and the shoes have evolved together, but the basic premise remains the same: dance moves that create rhythmic sounds.

Rising Popularity Of Tap

In the 1930’s, tap dancers of all levels started gathering in the streets to dance, different levels of dancers classified different street corners. The 1930’s to 1950’s saw tap dance literally explode onto the scene. Tap dancing is often associated with old Hollywood films, as many stars during this time performed epic tap routines including Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

Tap Dance Education

For the most part, people no longer go tap dancing in the streets. Instead, tap dance is a specialized art form taught in dance studios across the world. Tap, along with ballet, remains the most common dance class children are enrolled in.

The Best Tap Dance Class In Toronto

Tandem Studios offers fun tap dance classes for kids 5-years and up. We start by teaching the fundamental steps, constantly challenging dancers and building them up to new heights.

Tap Dancing For Fun

The sole purpose of tap is to spread joy and have a good time making music with your feet. Kids love learning how to tap dance to the clicking of their shoes. Students don’t need to dream of competing in world tap dance championships to rock out with us. We welcome students of all levels and goals.

Competitive Tap Dance

For students that do want to partake in tap dance competitions we have the instruction, courses and know-how to get them center stage. Many of our dancers regularly win prestigious awards in tap dance.

Come Tap Dance With Us!

We welcome you to lace up your tap shoes and get clicking with us! Our programs have been formulated over the years to provide a fun and challenging dance curriculum that builds confidence in dancers of all ages and levels. You can register for our tap dance class below.

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