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Specialty Classes

Barre Fit

Ballet Barre has a classical ballet spin while also encompassing strength training, Pilates and yoga. This workout will have you squeezing, lifting, toning, strengthening and stretching for a full 60 minutes. No dance experience required, the perfect workout for all fitness levels.

Adult Ballet

Available for all levels, our adult ballet program works on the foundations of classical ballet technique. A class generally starts with a ballet barre warmup (including plies and tendus, so lots of focus on the lower body). Then the class begins working on technique off the barre (port de bras, small jumps and balance exercises) and ends with a cool-down stretch. A great way to activate your muscles, while learning dance!

Adult Hip Hop

A lively, fun environment and one of our most popular classes! This class teaches hiphop basics through dance routines to upbeat and energetic music with an emphasis on coordination and rhythm. A super fun way to get in a cardio workout and is sure to tap into your inner swag! Women AND men of all levels are welcome!

Miami Dance Cardio

The constant repetition of a series of simplified moves in different sequences and combinations not only helps stimulate mental activity, but also provides a fun, aerobic, dance work out. All of the moves in this high energy class are hip hop- specifically Miami bass- based. A few new moves will also be added each class so the more you come the more you learn and the better you get! By being able to retain the movements through constant repetition and practice you are able to exert more force/energy with confidence thus leading to a greater workout experience and increased results. It’s not about being a perfect dancer and copying the instructor to a T, on the contrary, it’s about having fun and gaining aerobic cardio results through dancing, no dance experience necessary! Open to all levels!

If you would like to participate in any of our great fitness classes feel free to register with our easy to use online form. Hope to see you soon!
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