Pre Primary and Primary Dance Class

pre primary and primary dance class Pre Primary and Primary dance class follow the footsteps of Pre Dance, further building your child’s dance knowledge and overall coordination. In these classes we begin to focus more on formal ballet steps, while still maintaining a fun and light-hearted atmosphere young kids enjoy. Our studio is known for its British Vs. Russian Classical Ballet style. At this level children begin to learn steps from the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet syllabus. Students also have the option to participate in the RAD ballet examinations held annually at Tandem Studios.

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What Is The RAD Syllabus?

Founded in 1920, The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a UK-based examination board that specializes in dance education and training. The main emphasis of RAD is classical ballet. Highlighting the prestigious reputation of RAD, Queen Elizabeth II serves as a devoted patron.

The RAD board and syllabus originated as way to create an international standard for teaching ballet in the UK. This uniform standard can now be found internationally. RAD remains one of the largest dance organizations in the world with more than 14,000 members in 79 countries.

The RAD ballet curriculum starts with Pre Dance classes with the theme ‘Dance to Your Own Tune.’ Classes then advance through Pre Primary and Primary levels, before moving on up the ranks.

What Are RAD Examinations?

The national qualifications regulators of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland recognize RAD exams. Some exams even carry weight with Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) towards university admission.

Enrolling children in our annual RAD ballet examinations provides a chance for them to learn how to perform under pressure and gain more self-confidence, while potentially scoring admittance points with universities. Many students study syllabus work in conjunction with other dance styles.

Exams are completely optional, and no student is required to participate.

Fundamentals Of RAD Ballet

Ballet is practiced under a number of styles. RAD ballet is recognized as the English style and is known for its classical attributes. Our ballet program is focused on British Vs. Russian Classical Ballet and follows the RAD syllabus.

Pre Primary and Primary Class For Your Young Dancer

We strive to provide a fun and valuable experience every time your child attends pre primary or primary dance classes. While these classes kick up the endurance and difficultly a notch, the main goal is still to have fun.

The Benefits Of Dance Classes For Kids

Your child will meet new friends, learn new skills, enjoy a healthy dose of exercise and build self-confidence all while maturing into a classically trained ballet dancer. We welcome both competitive dancers and recreational dancers into our studio. Around here, dance connects us all together as one big family.

If your child has dreams of becoming the next best ballet dancer, Tandem Studios is equipped with the teachers, connections and knowledge to foster great success. We also cater to students that just want to dance for fun. Regardless of personal goals or aspirations, our pre primary and primary dance classes provide ample benefits.

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