Pre Dance Class

pre dance class imageA Pre Dance class is geared to young children and includes plenty of creative play and movement-based games. The overall purpose of the class is to teach musicality and the ability to follow simple instructions to complete fun moves to the beat of the music. Children are encouraged to work their fine motor skill development while having a great time.

Most young kids don’t need (or want) an overly strict or rigorous program. Instead, it’s important to let children express their natural tendencies to perform and move in a way that they feel comfortable. Our philosophy is to not suppress the inner creativity of a child and to let their personalities shine within the parameters of a structured dance class. We want to see the fairy princesses, dangerous dinosaurs and stomping animals in action!

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Benefits Of A Pre Dance Class For Young Kids

Pre Dance classes offer the perfect non-competitive environment to foster a love of healthy exercise, while promoting strong developmental skills and greater self-confidence. There is lots of research backing up the benefits of enrolling your young child in dance class and the freedom of expression it grants them is un-matched.

Educational Benefits

Dance lessons require listening, communicating and following directions. Since dance is rooted in following by example, children gain positive hands-on experience learning and succeeding at new things. The overall process and skill set they gain benefits children when they start learning other things like math and science.

The act of learning by doing something is known as kinesthetic learning. Dance has been identified as a fundamental way that kinesthetic learning integrates with overall understanding. Preschool children do not learn through abstract processes, instead they need hands on physical and sensory experiences. Dance provides the perfect medium to facilitate this type of learning, growing their knowledge, skill, coordination and overall understanding of the world.

Socialization Benefits

Pre Dance class gives your child the opportunity to learn and grow alongside other children of a similar age. Kids must work together and express their thoughts and feelings in a group setting, providing valuable lessons and perhaps even life long friendships to forever cherish.

Physical Development & Lifelong Health

Dancing uses every part of the body from muscles to overall coordination. A great deal of strength and thought must go into each and every move children learn. Dance provides a greater range of physical mobility than just about any other exercise a child can participate in. Kids that are taught the value of exercise early on are more likely to live a healthy life full of activity in the future.

Emotional Maturity

Dance encourages children to release their inner emotions by moving to the music, which has been found to provide ample emotional benefits. As children release their emotions through dance they gain a better overall understanding of themselves, as well as an outlet to control and maintain their emotions in the future.

Experience Counts

If your child does end up loving one or more forms of dance they have the opportunity to grow up and say, “I’ve been doing this since I could walk!”

See Why Kids & Parents Love Our Pre Dance Class!

Pre Dance class gets kids prepared to take on more challenging courses in the future, but your child doesn’t have to have dreams of becoming the next ballet star to benefit from Pre Dance class.

Our specially formulated Pre Dance class is largely focused on promoting healthy movement and development through fun. Let all of the benefits associated with dance impact your child today and for the rest of his or her life!

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