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hip hop dance class imageLooking for the best Hip Hop dance class in Toronto? Tandem Dance Studios offers a wide variety of hip hop dance classes, from urban street styles to more popular music video varieties. We offer custom-fit classes depending on a dancer’s specific goals. All of our Hip Hop students develop the skills to dance with serious “swagger” while learning everything form basic to more complex movements and routines.

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Brief History Of Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop is a new form of dance in comparison to many other popular dance mediums. Yet, in a relatively short time Hip Hop has become incredibly popular. Hip Hop officially originated in the 1960’s and 70’s, but the origins of the music and moves date back much further.

Hip Hop has been just as much a progression of dance as a progression of music. Kool DJ Herc, originally from Jamaica, was one of the first DJs to play two records at the same time. Creating a unique sound now known around the world as Hip Hop music.

Hip Hop was never intended to become a form of academy dance, but instead it was all about natural, down-to-earth movements that non-professionals partook in on the streets. As it grew in popularity it became more mainstream, and is now a very popular form of street dance that is also practiced at the academy level.

1960’s Hip Hop
In the late 1960’s people brought Hip Hop dance moves to the streets of New York. Without any formal training just a natural knack for moving to the music, Hip Hop served as a form of emotional release for many oppressed African Americans.

The catchy moves associated with this form of dance caught the attention of many, thus sparking the Hip Hop movement that still beats strong to this day amongst a vast variety of cultures, races and backgrounds.

Hip Hop In The 1980’s and 90’s
By the 1980’s the evolution of Hip Hop was actively spreading to dance clubs around the US. Into the 90’s, more and more clubs featured Hip Hop DJs and larger groups of people began popping, locking and dropping. During this time, Hip Hop made its way to Europe with the New York City Rap Tour.

Hip Hop In Canada
Canada was slower to accept Hip Hop music and dance, as the rock music scene took precedence for many years. Up until the early 2000’s, the Hip Hop scene remained a largely underground movement. Canadian Hip Hop is influenced by East and West Coast origins, but it also includes unique influences such as Caribbean, Jamaican, Trinidadian, and Bahamian music and styles.

Hip Hop Today
While Hip Hop’s origins are often linked to America’s East Coast, the West Coast was also at the forefront of the Hip Hop movement. The West Coast is largely known for starting the popping and locking dance style, while the East Coast has its roots in break dancing. Over time, these two styles have aligned to create the overall style of dancing we know as Hip Hop.

While Hip Hop remains a popular form of dance among professionals and armatures alike, the complex movements associated with the art form require dedication, special training and a touch of talent.

Hip Hop Dance Class at Tandem Studios

Tandem Studios is proud to offer a state-of-the-art Hip Hop dance class in a positive and friendly environment. We offer a variety of Hip Hop dance classes suited to all different levels. From beginners just learning how to do the Chest Pop, Dougie, or the Hip Pull, to more advanced students looking to put their moves together into challenging routines.

Our classes range greatly in difficulty; the more advanced you become the more complex the routines, foot/arm combinations and overall moves. We make sure our students are never bored, constantly presenting new challenges to accomplish.

Competitive Hip Hop Dance
After opening in 2007, we quickly became well known for our award winning dancers that routinely take home prestigious trophies. We love helping passionate dancers develop the skills necessary to make it in the industry.

Dancing For Fun
Dancing is a great way to stay healthy and fit while having a great time and boosting your self-confidence. You don’t have to be a competitive dancer to come shake it with us! We are more than happy to teach you the basics and beyond without the pressures of competition.

Come Dance With Us!

Tandem Dance Studios would love to welcome you to our family of dancers. Our students range from 18-months all the way up to pre-professionals. Contact us today to register for a hip hop dance class and get your swagger on with Toronto’s leading dance studio.

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