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fitness-poseFeatured Fitness Success Story

I made a FULL commitment to join Tandem Fitness in January 2016 after having had many sample sessions and struggling with my own ideas of what it means to stay fit. I labeled myself as a RUNNER!! I ran 5-7 days a week in sleet, ice, snow, rain, and humidity. I loved being outdoors. I loved having the flexibility to incorporate a run into my day. Whether it meant running to a dental appointment or picking up a few items at the grocery store. I thought that it was the BEST thing for me. BUT, something was not right. After years of running I developed bursitis in my hip and was experiencing pain. I also notice cellulite on my legs!! I was confused. How can this happen when I run soooooooo much? Tandem Fitness made me realize that I can be STRONGER and feel genuinely better. I started to incorporate Bootcamp classes into my running. I found that the exercises along with weight training in the AAA classes built up my muscle mass and most of all BURNED my CELLULITE away! This is what intrigued me! I had a preconceived notion that running was the BEST way to burn fat and stay slim. Today, I am the strongest, healthiest and most confident in my body and SELF than I’ve ever been. And I’m in my FORTIES! My friends a getting busy with ‘botoxing’…while I’m getting busy with ‘commando rows’. I think that the MOST significant thing about Tandem Fitness is that it has also TWO Special Fitness GURUs. Both Micheline and Shyla have carved my way and helped me realize my full physical potential. I love their dedication, their enthusiasm, their catered care and contagious positive attitudes. They have provided specialized coaching and expert advice on how to be my ‘true healthy self’. They never told me to stop running! They simply demonstrated how the classes can make me a more ‘efficient engine’. I can now tackle my 5 hill runs with a skip and a hop. My body and mind has gone through a transformation because of my experience with Tandem Fitness. I now believe that you need a variety in your approach to staying fit for life. This means incorporating classes in both cardio and weight training. ALL CARDIO is not the answer nor necessary. I now believe in the social benefits of taking classes because I’ve made some friends along the way. I have now results! My body has definition and muscle. I have dropped a size. I have also extended my ‘physical vocabulary’ and ‘mathematical fitness’ sense too! LOL! When I first started I didn’t know what a BURPEE was, now I do and I LOVE them! “Burpee it out!” -Rosanna B

Don D.

Working with Micheline for several years has put me in the best shape of my life. The most difficult part of working out is staying motivated but Micheline always makes it challenging and fun by changing up what you do each workout. It’s never dull or repetitive, factors that keep me motivated to keep coming back for more. Physically Fit means Mentally Fit and having a personal trainer like Micheline can bring you that reward….

Susan S.

I love the classes at Tandem. The instructors are amazing. I started doing kickboxing about a year and a half ago and love it! It relieves my stress and makes me feel like I can deal with anything. Shyla is so knowledgeable and always supportive. Micheline and Ryan are really good too. I have tried most of the classes, from dance to boxing to TRX and Boot Camp. There is a class for everyone. Since joining Tandem I have lost weight and feel so much better. Thanks for motivating me!

D.G. age 10

I really enjoy yoga class, it is a good way to forget about all the work I have to do during the week. The relaxation is my favorite part .

E.G. age 7

Yoga class makes me feel relaxed in a happy way, as well as feeling like I am in a safe place. I get to really stretch and do lots of poses, and really feel like I’m in an imaginary place.

Louise B.

I have found Theresa to have an air of serenity, with a grounded sense of where she wants her classes to go, while at the same time being aware of the differences in her students’ abilities. I very much appreciate the individual attention she gives to all of her students, with the option of physical adjustments if appropriate. She is articulate and clear in leading her students into each yoga posture.

Lynn A.

I always feel happy and healthy after a workout with Shyla! She provides a challenging workout and lots of much appreciated concern for my wellbeing. Having a session with Shyla is always the highlight of my day!

Aileen H

I’ve been working out at Tandem for over 10 years – since Fitness was a single class offered at the same time as my daughter’s dance class. Since then, Tandem has evolved into so much more, but what keeps me coming back is the quality of instruction and the camaraderie. I’m always pushed to work hard, but never judged and always supported. I can’t imagine finding another gym that would get to know me so well personally and always make me feel at home.

-Morgan M

Best. Workouts. Ever. The instructors at Tandem have pushed me to challenge myself and strive to reach my fitness goals. I always feel my best after a Tandem workout. I go out of my way (sometimes over an hours commute) just to get to a class because they are that good!

Nadia K

Hip hop with Sonja is so much fun…it is a mental and physical workout and I like how she does push-ups and sit ups before we begin.

Jenna K


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