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Fitness Pricing & Fees

Our pricing is outlined below. Please let us know if you have any questions. Our staff will be happy to help any way we can. There are many plans available for your family’s convenience. There are bonus discounts available and payment structures in place to help your Tandem experience be a great one.

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Pricing & Fees


Commit to getting fit! Choose when you want to attend class and choose how many classes you want to attend. Please refer to our website, tandemstudiostoronto.com, for a complete description classes and the schedule of dates and times.

3 Month Unlimited $468 $156/month
A great option for those looking to jump start their training and maintain a high level of fitness! If you know you will be taking 4 or more classes per week this option is for you! With regular visits this option can be as low as $10 per class!
12 Month Unlimited $140/month
For the committed fitness participant! This is an expansion of the 3 month unlimited fitness program allowing you to attend any class on our schedule for a full 12 months. Some flexibility is added with the ability to put your card “on hold” for 2 months per year for a small fee.
8 Week Commitment $112 $14/class
This option is an economical introduction to a specific class to get you grooved in! Simply pick one class that appeals to you, in a specific time slot, and attend that class consecutively for 8 weeks. Feel free to add an additional 8 week class at a reduced rate. If you are unsure which class is the right fit or are unfamiliar with regularly attending a fitness program this is a good first step. Please note that 8 week commitment cards expire 9 weeks after the date of purchase.
Additional Class $96 $12/class
Drop-in Class Card
Our most flexible option for those who have an ever changing schedule! This option allows you to attend any classes on our regular fitness schedule, it’s great for maximum freedom in your workout days and times! No commitment, no problem! Cards can be purchased in denominations of 5, 10, 15 or 20 classes. The more classes you buy the lower the cost per class. Please note: that all class cards (except 8 week commitments) expire 1 year after the date of purchase.
5 Classes $120 $24/Class
10 Classes $200 $20/Class
15 Classes $255 $17/Class
20 Classes $300 $15/Class

All classes subject to HST.