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ballet dance class image Looking for the finest ballet dance class in Toronto? Tandem Studios is Toronto’s leading British Vs. Russian Classical Ballet studio. Our classes are taught from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Grades 1-8 are focused on teaching technical, musical, and performance skills.

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Classical Ballet beats at the heart of the syllabus, which includes three key styles: Hungarian, Russian and Polish. Our program includes a variety of Classical, Free Movement and Character Ballet. Character Ballet is defined as a theatrical presentation of national dance using ethnic dance and music, which has been freely adapted for the theatre.

Our classes are suited to children 6-years and up, and provide rewarding and challenging training on through the end of high school. We have developed a truly great ballet dance class that will push our dancers to the next level.

Progressive History Of Ballet Dancing

Origins Of Ballet

Ballet is one of the oldest forms of dance, originating in the Italian Renaissance courts back in the 15th century. Ballet was considered a lavish production commonly produced at wedding celebrations and other elaborate events. People of nobility were assigned dancing masters to teach them the skills of ballet.

Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, was the first to fund ballet in the French court. As a result of her elaborate productions, the popularity of ballet began to grow. One century later, King Louis XIV helped to further popularize this form of dance, as he himself was a passionate dancer that performed many roles. It was his performances that promoted ballet from an amateur pastime to a skill requiring professional training.

In 1661, the first dance academy opened in Paris, prompting ballet to move from the courts to the stage. It was during this time that ballet and opera become intertwined, setting the groundwork for the dramatic and narrative style of ballet that remains popular to this day.

Ballet In The 19th Century
The Romantic Movement at the beginning of the 19th century spurred the popularity of ballet even further with classical productions such as La Sylphide. It was during this time that dancing on tiptoes and wearing full skirts made of tulle became commonplace and popularized. Classic productions such as The Nutcracker rose to fame during the 19th century.

Modern Ballet
In the early half of the 20th century, Russian choreographers got more playful with ballet movements and costumes. This helped shape ballet into the elaborate art form it is today.

George Balanchine is credited with further changing the path of ballet by introducing what is known as Neo-Classical Ballet. He is also credited for “Plotless” Ballet, which follows no exact story line but instead uses music and movement to tell a story of human emotion and struggle.

Modern ballet is a combination of all styles over the centuries, offering a world of opportunity for dancers to express themselves.

RAD Ballet Studio: What Sets Us Apart?

There are several types of ballet styles popularly practiced today including: Romantic, Neoclassical, Contemporary, and classical ballet.

Our ballet dance class incorporates Free Movement and Character Ballet, with a strong focus on Classical Ballet.

Classical Ballet is all about traditional technique, including methods from French, Italian and Russian Ballet. We rely on the Royal Academy of Dance method, a training method originated by a diverse group of dancers in 1920. Queen Elizabeth II is patron of the RAD, and as of 2012 Darcey Bussell serves as President.

Classical Ballet combines a number of respected dance methods with European and Russian roots, creating its own unique style collectively regarded as ‘English style’ ballet. Famous examples of Classical Ballets include Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

Leading Ballet Dance Class In Toronto

We are so proud of our ballet students, many of which are award-winning dancers with a bright future in the industry. Since 2007, we have been teaching ballet classes to beginners all the way up to pre-professionals. Thanks to the success of our programs, coaches and students, our studio has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Despite expansion, we remain a tight-knit studio that feels like a second home to our dancers.

Competitive Ballet
We work with competitive ballerinas from beginners to pre-professionals. We strive to provide a continually challenging curriculum that keeps the mind and body busy learning new techniques, moves and show-stopping routines. If you have dreams of performing on stage or someday becoming a professional ballerina, we have the state-of-the-art program necessary to help make your dreams a reality.

Recreational Ballet
Ballet is a great way to get more exercise, become more flexible and increase self-confidence. For these reasons and more, many wish to learn the basics of ballet without any interest in ever competing. Regardless of your personal goals and aspirations, we offer tailor-made ballet classes that are just right for you with no pressure to enter competitions.

Come Dance With Us!

Ballet is a truly beautiful art form. While it looks seamless and graceful, it is a physically demanding form of dance that requires extra special coaching in order to properly and safely master. Regardless if you have never taken ballet before or if are already head over heels for the sport, our classes are specially designed to help shape you into the best dancer you can be. We have spent years refining our ballet dance class into the best possible program for you to learn the art of ballet dancing.

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