All Boys Dance Classes

ico-hiphop All of our dance classes are co-ed, but we also offer the opportunity for boys to enjoy dance classes in a strictly male environment through one of our all boys Hip-Hop or Dance Basics classes.

Dance is often seen as a girly sport, but this isn’t the case at all. Many top performing dance groups from all around the world are made up of all male members. Dance is a physically challenging sport that requires sharp athletic and mental capacities, as it forces one to engage many aspects of the body and mind at one time. Plus, dance provides a great outlet for energetic boys that need to release some of their energy and turn it into something positive.

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All Boys Hip-Hop Classes

Hip-hop classes are focused on teaching the basics from popping and locking to completing a series of moves to each beat. Hip-hop is heart racing, challenging and most of all so much fun. Hip-hop is also one of the more popular forms of dance among males as there are many iconic male hip-hop dancers for young students to look up to.

Dance Basic Classes For Boys

Our Dance Basics class provides a solid foundation to the world of dance for boys looking to explore other dance mediums than just hip-hop. Classes are meant to be fun with a focus on bringing out individual personalities and styles. Despite the lighthearted atmosphere we strive to provide, there’s still a focus on mastering the proper alignment, form and techniques needed to stay safe and level up.

Boys always have the option to enter co-ed dance classes offered at the studio. Many boys feel more comfortable to do so after mastering some of the basics in a gender inclusive course. We also offer private lessons with valuable one-on-one instruction.

Benefits Of Dance Classes For Boys

There are countless benefits to enrolling boys in dance classes, including:

-Increased self-confidence
-Enhanced flexibility and physical mobility
-Better balance and coordination
-Development of muscle
-An outlet for artistic and emotional expression
-A fun way to stay physically active
-A great way to meet other children with similar interests and develop positive social skills.

Dance Classes For Boys Of All Levels

Dance provides ample benefits for boys of all ages. Aside from keeping kids active, dance encourages a healthy release of energy and emotions. Plus, our dance classes are specially formulated to be the best in the industry.

All of our classes offer the opportunity to level up and improve upon dancing, as well as enter competitions. We proudly offer the instruction and tools necessary to help facilitate students of all levels and goals.

The positive experiences kids have in the studio stays with them all throughout life, regardless if they go on to compete or go professional. So what are you waiting for? Come dance with us and see just how much fun it can be to learn one or more forms of dance in an all-boys environment.

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