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Yoga Classes

Flow Yoga

A faster paced vinyasa flow style class where students will build upon sequences and progressions to engage deeper with the practice and with themselves. Expect to move, challenge yourself and get sweaty! Modifications offered for multiple levels of practice, all are welcome. Choose from a Level 1-2 or Level 2 for more advanced yogis.

Active Beginners Yoga / Older Adults Yoga

Everyone is welcome at this class for Active Beginners! This class is suitable for those who are new to yoga or have not practiced in some time, for older adults or for those with some mobility issues.  This gentle Hatha yoga class provides a balanced combination of pranayama (breath work), sustained poses, flow, core work and meditation. Come and enjoy the feeling of stretch, strength and stillness in your body and mind.

Yin/Yang Yoga

Yin style yoga involves, longer held postures (1-3 min), the release of joint and muscular tension, cultivating mindfulness and promoting greater range of motion.  Yang style yoga includes the energizing effects of a Hatha practice, challenging your mind and body through a series of flowing yoga movements and postures.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a deeply nourishing and relaxing practice that allows our body and mind to recover from physical, mental and emotional stresses, in part caused by our fast-paced lives.  It helps us to slow down, to heal and remember what it is like to feel truly relaxed, warm and comfortable, so much so that you hardly notice your physical body.  Restorative yoga allows us to rest in our true nature and to realize that we are not separate from life, any more than the wave is separate from the sea. Some benefits include: Deeply relaxes the body & stills the mind, Improves capacity for healing and balancing, Balances the nervous system, Boosts the immune system, and Enhances mood states.

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