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Yoga Classes

Flow Yoga

A faster paced vinyasa flow style class where students will build upon sequences and progressions to engage deeper with the practice and with themselves. Expect to move, challenge yourself and get sweaty! Modifications offered for multiple levels of practice, all are welcome. Choose from a Level 1-2 or Level 2 for more advanced yogis.

Functional Yoga for Seniors

This is a gentle yoga class suitable for seniors and those with limited mobility. Class will focus on functional movements which focus on range of motion and extension of the arms, legs and spine. Poses will be done standing, seated and lying down, however for those not comfortable standing, chairs are available for use as well. Please be sure to notify the instructor and/or studio if you have any physical limitations in order for us to best accommodate you.

Power Yoga

A strength focused yoga class where the guidance of the breath is used to engage deeper with muscle-building poses such as lunges, squats, planks and push ups. Flowing balancing poses are utilized to engage and build stabilizing muscles. Classes will also include a core-focused component. Pulsations and longer holds are frequently incorporated into the class. Expect to channel your inner warrior in this powerful, strength-building class!

Strength Yoga

Yoga for strength is a more traditional hatha-style class where poses are completed in sequential order. This class will focus on strengthening all areas of the body – legs, glutes, core and arms. Breath instruction will be used to maximize endurance and bring students to a comfortable edge to deepen engagement.

Kids Yoga

Tap into your inner calm with some mindful stretches and creative shapes as we link breath with movement in this easy-to-follow yoga class designed for kids. Each yoga pose is demonstrated by instructor and modified to suit each student. Accessible for kids, 6-12 of age of all abilities.

Teen Yoga

Linking breath, movement, and balance, this moderately-paced class is designed to challenge teenagers to articulate their bodies through music and mindfulness. Throughout 60 minutes of a short meditation, a flowy sequence, and then restful savasana, this class will leave students feeling energized and refreshed. Accessible for teenagers, 13-16 years of age of all abilities.

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