Tandem Studios Toronto

Meet The Instructors

Personal training at Tandem Studios is not like training at a large commercial gym: no hard-sell trainers with sales goals to meet, no noisy machines or grunting and groaning gym goers, it’s just you, one on one with your trainer working tirelessly towards your goals.  But what makes the Tandem training experience really special is our trainers.  We have taken the time to hand select trainers who will go the extra mile to help clients achieve their goals; fitness is not just what they do but it’s what they love, it’s their true passion.  Being able to motivate clients to push beyond their limits as well as being adaptable to client needs are key qualities in any successful trainer and our trainers possess these in spades. With over 25 years combined experience in the fitness industry we’re confident that our trainers will be able to help you achieve your goals.


Micheline Poncelet

MicheleMicheline has been active in the fitness market for over 2 decades. Being a personal trainer and fitness instructor was not part of her original life plan but now she has a hard time imagining doing anything else. After receiving her Diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management from George Brown College, she continued to quench her thirst for knowledge at the University of Ottawa receiving an Honours degree in Kinesiology.

Micheline works hard with her clients with an understanding of fitness and health as a lifestyle. Having worked in several physiotherapy clinics within Toronto and Ottawa, Micheline has vast experience in rehabilitation from sport and work related injury and uses this knowledge to ensure her clients have safe and effective workouts. Micheline takes pride in her work and has always been willing to spend a great deal of one on one time with clients requiring special needs. She has experience helping clients with a wide variety of fitness goals, anywhere from fitness/figure competitive regimes to long term health plans for obese clients.

Micheline also enjoys challenging herself and spent 4 years putting her knowledge to the test by training and competing in Figure (physique) competitions with WNSO (World Natural Sports Organization) and Neutron Sports. The experience gave her an entirely new respect for the capabilities of the human body and mind. Many of the techniques she used and skills she gained during that journey she continues to use with her clients today with great success.

In addition to one on one training, Micheline added class instruction to her experience base when she started teaching at Tandem Studios in early 2007. Classes focusing on muscle conditioning/body sculpting, interval training and indoor/outdoor boot camps for all ages and fitness levels are her specialties.

“I am passionate about people and love the fact that I spend every day at work helping my clients be their best selves!”, Micheline quotes, for her there is no feeling comparable to the one you get from helping people improve the quality of their lives.




Shyla Berger

shylaShyla’s love for fitness wasn’t always so prevalent in her life. She struggled to maintain a healthy weight throughout her childhood and teenage years with poor eating habits, and an inactive lifestyle. She originally graduated from college for Sound Engineering in Toronto before discovering Kickboxing and becoming addicted to the sport. Losing almost 70 pounds in a year and a half, the need to help others achieve their fitness goals was realized. Shyla was certified through the Canadian Fitness Professionals and became a Fitness Instructor Specialist and Personal Trainer. She is also certified as a Spin and Kickboxing Instructor.

Her approach to fitness is tough but compassionate, always giving her clients an extra push when needed, and ready with encouragement and enthusiasm. Shyla has worked with a wide range of clients including older adults, teens, beginners, and athletes. She found a passion for getting the youth excited about fitness, and being their introduction to the world of healthy and active living. Shyla believes in the power and energy of a group class because she knows first-hand that it works. Her fun and energetic approach to exercise is obvious in her classes, and she brings that same approach to her one-on-one sessions.