Tandem Studios Toronto

Google Tour Of Our Location

Have A Look Inside Tandem Studios

Below is a Google Tour of our dance studio. Please feel free to take a virtual stroll around our location and see how many studios we offer to our clients. We at Tandem Studios have a lot of pride in our dance studios so we wanted to give all of you a look inside!

To use the tour you just click where you want to go. For example, if you want to see inside a room you simply go to the open doorway and click inside of the room. There are also guiding arrows in the center of the screen that can be clicked and easily help you throughout the experience. You can also rotate your field of view and your zoom by the controls on the right. You will also notice a 1 & 2 on the right, these correspond to the ground floor (1) and upstairs (2). The tour starts just outside our entrance, click inside the open doorway to come in.