Tandem Studios Toronto


What is the youngest student you accept?

18 months is our earliest music and movement class which occurs with a parent. Our formal closed door dance classes start at age 2.5 and begin with the pre-dance levels.

Do you offer trial Dance classes?

Unfortunately we do not offer trial classes. Our policy is to register fully and then give the class 3-4 weeks so the dancer can adjust to the new environment, teacher, students etc. If after this point the class is not working we will try to find a class more suited to your child or as a last resort refund you your payment less the classes taken.

Do I have to register my child for the full year?

Yes, classes run from September till June and end with our year end recital. As most classes run on a syllabus each class progresses from week to week on a set pattern of instruction with each class building on to the next. There are always exceptions that we are willing to make individual to individual and these are assessed family to family.

Does your studio accept boys?

Yes! The more the better! All classes are appropriate for boys however we do also provide all boy Hip Hop classes as well.

Can my child have private lessons?

Yes, we have many instructors and lots of studio space!

Are there any other expenses besides class fee?

Yes, in addition to the yearly fee there is the recital costume fee which can range from $40 for younger dancers to $120 for our most advanced dancers. These costumes then belong to the student and we do our best to give them Items that can be used in their next years dance class or at the very least as an addition to their wardrobe! Recital tickets, photos and DVD are all optional costs as recital participation is not mandatory.

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes, we have 1 or 2 hour options hosted here at the studio. The Birthday child chooses their favorite song and theme and one of our stellar instructors will choreograph a routine for them. Many fun games and activities are also used to ensure boys and girls, dancers and non-dancers have a great time! Birthdays generally occur on Saturdays and Sundays

Is your facility air conditioned?

Indeed, it is!

What is Troupe?

All dancers are welcome and encouraged to audition for Tandem Troupe. The goal of Troupe is to expose dancers to a variety of performance activities while strengthening technique and dance skills. Troupe dancers are required to enroll in both a regular Ballet and Jazz class. There are two levels after Troupe commitment, Performance and Competitive.

Do you have changing rooms?


Can I rent studio space?

Yes, we always try to accommodate studio rental requests and accept based on studio availability.

Are your fitness classes for all fitness levels?

Yes, our classes are generally kept small so the instructors will modify exercises for you so you can progress at your own pace.

Do I have to have a child dance at the studio in order to take a fitness class?

No, The original idea of Tandem Studios was to have parents and children doing classes “in tandem” with each other. However fitness is expanding and open to anyone!

Can I try a fitness class before I commit?

Yes, we always offer a free trial class for fitness.

Do you have adult dance classes?

Yes, we have weekly adult ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap classes. There are variations in this schedule based on registrations.