Dance Explorer Class

Dance Explorer ClassOur Dance Explorer class is focused on teaching children a number of different styles of dance. This is the perfect opportunity for little explorers that want to learn jazz, hip-hop, and ballet. This is also a great starting place if your little one remains unsure what type of dance sounds like the most fun. We encourage all of our dancers to try different styles of dancing, you never know which one will sing to your soul! If your child shows interest in any of the types of dance taught in this class we offer competitive dance classes centered around each type that you may pursue.

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Our Dance Explorer Class Covers The Following

Ballet For Beginners

The ballet section of Dance Explorer is based on the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus, with a focus on British Vs. Russian Classical Ballet style. Despite our focus on classical ballet, our beginner classes are guaranteed lighthearted and fun. We make sure beginner dancers have the opportunity to truly enjoy themselves as they learn the basics of this beautiful art form.

Ballet was originally brought to the public eye in the late 1600’s, and has since developed into a classical art form that remains popular to this day. The elegant dance moves associated with ballet are incredibly challenging to master. As children learn how to pull off basic moves that lead up to more challenging moves they strengthen the mind, body and soul, while gaining a lot of confidence.

Jazz For Beginners

Dance Explorer classes provide beginner dancers with many fundamentals of jazz dance, getting them moving and grooving to the rhythm of varied musical collections. Our beginner classes provide students with the basics needed to eventually master musicality, weight and direction change, as well as balance, strength, jumps and turns.

The 1940’s saw a jazz revolution of epic proportions, skyrocketing jazz onto the scene where it remains a common form of dance expression to this day. Jazz roots are deeply embedded in America with strong African and European dance traditions.

Plantation slaves were among the first to develop this unique form of dance as a means of escape while working long, hard days out on the plantation. Just as jazz provided an emotional release all those years ago, it still provides therapeutic benefits to dancers today.

Hip-Hop For Beginners

Dance Explorer takes the time to explore hip-hop dance, which is among the most widespread forms of dance in popular culture. Hip-hop is newer in comparison to jazz and ballet with origins dating back to the 1960’s and 70’s, although the actual music and moves behind hip-hop are loaded with history pre-dating this time.

Interestingly, hip-hop was never meant to be an academy form of dance, as it originated and was developed on the streets of rough neighborhoods. The original hip-hop dancers often had no formal training and yet many of their original moves remain prevalent and difficult to master today.

Come Learn The Basics Behind Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop!

Our unique Dance Explorer class gives children the opportunity to try out these different types of dance to see what they like and excel at best.

Competitive Jazz, Ballet & Hip-Hop Opportunities

If your child shows great interest in any or all forms of dance, there’s no better place to be than at Tandem Studios. We offer specialized programs for dancers looking to compete and dance professionally someday. Regardless, if your child wants to compete or perform, all forms of dance are met with the opportunity to seamlessly advance into higher levels. Click the following to view our  Jazz Dance Class, Hip Hop Dance Class, and Ballet Class.

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