Contemporary Dance Class

Tandem Studios offers a contemporary dance class unlike any other. Contemporary dance is a combination of classical ballet, jazz and modern dance styles with an emphasis on personal expression and choreography. Students are prompted to use energy and emotion in order to help their dance moves tell a story.

Our students are encouraged to develop the individualized style necessary to stand out from the crowd, either on stage during a performance or during a heart pounding competition. We encourage students interested in contemporary dance to enroll in our ballet or jazz classes as well in order to compliment their training as best as possible.

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What Is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary Dance is a modern form of dance that incorporates steps from classical ballet and jazz. This umbrella term is used to classify a number of dance styles and methods; as a result it gives chorographers and dancers a wide range of styles to pull from.

Contemporary dances are classified by powerful and emotionally charged moves that convey a deeper message than words alone ever could. The main premise behind contemporary dance is expression, personality and emotion. This form of dance shows more focus on the individual dancer than other routines.

History Of Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance, as its name suggests, is a more recent development in the industry. In order to understand the roots of contemporary dance, students must first understand the roots of the important dances that make up this new age art form, such as ballet and jazz. Think of these older more long-standing forms of dance as the ancestors of contemporary dancing.

Contemporary dance evolved during the middle of the twentieth century, and has since become one of the most popular genres of dance for formally trained dancers around the world. Contemporary dance is especially popular in the US and Western Europe.

The start of contemporary dance dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when US dancer Isadora Duncan and Ruth Saint Denis shocked the world by breaking out of the strict ballet routine to create a more natural style of dance.

The Importance Of The Dancer

Contemporary dance remains an evolving work of art that borrows moves from hip-hop, rock and roll, jazz and more. Due to the variety of mediums used to convey contemporary dance, the actual performances are highly individualized and varied. Contemporary dance focuses more on the individual dancer than the whole performance, as a result dancers can evoke their own touches to their performances.

Contemporary dances are often recreations of classical ballet works, refitted into more modern and emotional pieces. Adding the contemporary element gives dancers far more freedom to express themselves.

A Contemporary Dance Class With Focus On Jazz And Ballet

Our constantly evolving contemporary dance classes focus largely on classical ballet and jazz, infused with the poetic and emotional beauty of contemporary dance. We highly recommend students take jazz and ballet along with contemporary dance in order to keep up with the course, as both types of dances are included in contemporary routines.

Competitive Dance

We offer classes to students interested in or currently competing in contemporary dance competitions.

Dance For Fun

We offer dance classes geared to students looking to just have fun, exercise and step up their dancing game. You don’t have to compete to dance with our top-notch teachers and supportive network of dancers.

We welcome you to our leading Toronto dance studio for contemporary dance classes that’ll get you moving, grooving and having a great time.

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