Choreo Dance Class

Choreo dance class image Choreo dance class is fun to take on its own, but it makes an especially great compliment to more traditional forms of dance. This class is encouraged to all students looking to enhance their performance ability.

Choreo is all about stylization and performance. It incorporates a number of different dance forms such as hip-hop, ballet, jazz and musical theatre. Combining a variety of dance forms to create one lively performance is how star routines are born.

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What Is Choreo Dance?

Choreography is an art form that involves using precise movements to form shapes, energy and emotions that tell a story. Choreo dance focuses on choreography, or the series of dance moves that make up a set. A professional choreographer is in charge of putting together dance pieces, but dancers must have the skills and background knowledge to follow these routines.

Planned choreography’ is a set of movements that is predesigned and offers little personal interpretation for dancers. On the other hand, ‘improvisation choreography’ involves giving dancers a general direction, which they then interpret and act out as they see fit.

Progressive History Of Choreography

The art of creating stylized dances is called choreography, a word with Greek roots that translate to “dance” and “write.” Going back to the Renaissance period, dance masters began building upon known dance moves to create social dances for the court. As the years progressed, chorography was used for ballet along with social dance. By the late 18th century, Jean-Georges Noverre had risen to the top as a choreographic genius. Thereafter, more and more superstar chorographers began to set the stage, including Marius Petipa who brought to life the classic work of The Sleeping Beauty.

Rules Of Choreography

Choreography originates much like the music playing in the background. There are guidelines and carefully followed traditions, but there are no actual rules in the world of choreography. Instead, imagination and vision rule supreme.

Choreographers don’t have to be dancers, although many are. The only rule is that a dance in totality should be ordered and shaped into three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time, while working within the potential of the dancer’s body.

The choreographer sets the pace and steps of a performance, while the actual performer infuses the piece with his or her mood.

The Best Choreo Dance Class In Toronto

Dancers and aspiring choreographers find endless insight and inspiration through our Choreo dance class. The goal of these classes is to strengthen students’ abilities to create and perform choreographed routines. Once students gain a greater understanding of stylization and performance, it becomes more natural to combine different dancing techniques to create their own full set.

Landing individual dance moves with ease and fluidity is much different than performing moves as an entire set. After taking our Choreo dance class, students see improvements in their abilities to pick up dance routines faster and with more confidence. That’s why we recommend pairing this course with more traditional forms of dance.

Let’s Choreograph Together!

Come join us in our fun and enriching Choreo classes, which focus on strengthening dancers in a number of beneficial ways. Regardless if you have dreams of someday becoming a choreographer or just want to improve your ability to follow along with challenging routines, we have the perfect Choreo dance class for you.

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