Broadway & Musical Theatre Class

Musical Theatre Class Image Our Broadway program provides our youngest dancers with an opportunity to shine on stage. Once advancing out of this program, dancers are placed into our more advanced Musical Theatre class. Outgoing children benefit from the outlet both of these programs provide, while shy children often find a way out of their shell as they gain more confidence on stage.

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What Do Students Learn In Broadway & Musical Theatre Class?

Musical theatre is a type of theatrical performance that includes spoken dialogue, songs, acting and dancing. The end result is an emotionally charged story played out on stage.

Our specially designed musical theatre class will start with the basics and move up from there, continually advancing and challenging the mind and body. Students learn musical theatre dance choreography, act using games and scene work and partake in basic vocal training so that they are prepared to sing while they dance and perform.

As students learn varied numbers and routines they are exposed to different kinds of musical styles, giving them new experiences to learn and aspire from. As children learn how to act and perform on stage, they also learn more about themselves, growing into the talented superstars they truly are.

Progressive History Of Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre has roots in the late eighteen hundreds, although that wasn’t the first time in history people dance and sang on stage. Ancient Greeks and Roman comedies often incorporated songs with their dance routines. Since these forms of musical theatre died out long before the more modern forms originated, they are said to have no real ties to the musical theatre we know today.

In the 1700’s there were a number of performances that incorporated music into the show, but none were technically called “musicals.” In the 1800’s we started to see some of today’s roots taking shape. Contemporary Broadway was born from operetta, but it obtained its comedic spirit from entertainers that graced the stage around the mid-1800’s and thereafter.

On September 12, 1866, people watched as The Black Crook was performed on stage in New York. The performance included dancing and singing on stage all at once, and is considered one of the most original musical theatre productions put on in modern times. The Black Crook was hugely popular, which helped to propel the future of musical theatre into motion.

After that the art form continued to climb, and not even the Great Depression could knock it down. During the 1950’s the music featured on Broadway was the popular music of the western world. The 1970’s saw rivalry between the heavily commercialized musicals of Britain and the more serious works such as Sweeny Todd. The public showed greater support for media-fueled musicals, which dictated much of the scene on through the 1980’s.

By the 1990’s musicals had lost some of their steam, but if you take into account all of the incredible musicals that continue to captivate the world today (Hairspray, Modern Millie, Footloose, etc.) it’s easy to see what an important art form musical theatre remains.

Come Sing & Dance With Us!

Our Broadway program for younger children and Musical Theatre classes for more advanced students offers the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the art of performing on stage.

Performing For A Living

We welcome dancers that are interested in someday preforming on Broadway or in other large-scale productions. We provide the knowledge, coaches and supportive environment necessary to help support a successful future in show biz.

Performing For Fun

Regardless if you are dancing recreationally or for a living, it should always be about having fun. Learn the basics of showbiz and performing on stage, all while having a great time meeting new friends and gaining a world of confidence.

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