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acro dance class image Tandem Dance Studios is proud to offer Toronto’s leading contemporary Acro dance class program. Acro dance is a seamless combination of acrobatic and gymnastic skills with choreographed dance moves, requiring a great deal of strength and flexibility.

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What Do Students Learn In Acro Dance Class?

Acro teaches dancers the art of combining dance and acrobatics to create the skills necessary to perform routines seen in performances such as Cirque du Soleil.

Our energizing Acro dance program is lead by a respected dancer and choreographer, who is also a certified gymnastics coach. Thanks to her unique skill set, she has proven capable of teaching students rather complex moves in a relatively short period of time. This provides endless confidence to dancers as they learn, grow, make new friends and become skilled in Acro dance.

We offer beginner, intermediate and pre-professional dance courses, all of which put safety at the forefront of the program. Beginner courses focus on basic tumbling skills, cartwheels, bridges and dancing together as a team. As students advance they have the opportunity to learn many moves such as front aerial, hand walking, valdez and one-hand front walkover—just to name a few.

Brief History Of Acro Dance

Acro dance is also known as acrobatic and gymnastics dance, all of which employ dance elements with a focus on gymnastics. Acro is one of the more challenging forms of dance, as it requires students to be skilled in both dance and gymnastics.

Vaudeville: The Original Acro Dance

In the early 1900’s, acrobatic dance began to gain popularity in the US and Canada, as it was performed regularly in vaudeville. Vaudeville is a theatrical form of variety entertainment that was incredibly popular from the early 1880’s until the 1930’s. A standard Vaudeville performance included different acts involving singers, jugglers, acrobats, trained animals, comedians and more, all combined into one show. It was Vaudeville that originally introduced Acro to the world of dance.

Among the earliest documented Acro dancers are Sherman Coates who performed between 1900 and 1914, and Tommy Woods, who was well known for his slow-motion acrobatic dance in Shuffle Along. The Crackerjacks and the Gaines Brothers are examples of two well-known troupes that performed Acro dance in the early 1900’s.

Modern Acro Dance

Acro dance was slow to develop and appeared in various forms before becoming what it is today. Modern day Acro dance often incorporates ballet movements, and is considered dance with acrobatics. Traditionally, the focus was just acrobatic movements set to music without the dancing element.

Acro Dance Competition

Modern Acro dance competitions judge contestants based upon their acrobatic technique, and how skilled, controlled and rhythmic they perform. Routines may incorporate gymnastics, contortionist or flexibility as well as dance moves, and choreography. Acro dance competitions vary in regards to the percentage of dance to acrobatic movements required. There are solo and group performance opportunities.

Toronto’s Number One Acro Dance Class

Tandem Studios offers Acro dance classes for a wide range of ages and skill levels. Regardless if you have none, some or lots of experience in Acro, dance or gymnastics, we have the perfect class for you to learn and grow from.

Competitive Acro Dancers
Our studio is home to many award-winning dancers. If you are interested in entering Acro dance competitions, or are already actively competing, we have the perfect program to set you up for success.

Dancing For Fun
You don’t have to be a competitive dancer to train with us! Acro dance is physically demanding and provides an excellent full-body workout, which is reason enough to participate in the fun without any pressure for winning ribbons.

Get Bendy With Us!
Contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art Acro dance program. Our energizing classes are guaranteed to have you flipping with fun!

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